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Discover Milano with us


Expo 2015 provides the perfect opportunity not only to participate in the event, but also to take the most of the trip to Italy to study and visit some important parts of the history and architecture of the country. To help you catch this opportunity, we organize daily tours to Milan to discover the modern and contemporary architecture of the economic capital of Italy. We can customize the tours for groups of architects, engineers and designers and we offer the chance to focus on one specific topic. The works are selected by our staff and by external partners from the Italian cultural scene. During the day, we organize guided tours and meetings with important personalities form the field of architecture, who will help you discover the works. We work together with the Order of Architects from Milan to organize the tours.
Italy is a country in which traditions, in the deepest meaning of the word, have created the territory where we live today. Architecture is our history and it is worth observing, drawing and studying it. For Expo 2015, we have decided to organize not only visits to Milan, which hosts the event, but visits to the entire country. We have created tours of one or more days that focus on specific aspects and can be customized together with all the architects, engineers and designers who are planning to take part in the initiative. During the time, we offer guided tours and meetings with professionals from the field who will help you discover the works. Architecture will not be the only focus of the tours, as our discovery will include all the best of the Italian territory: food, art and landscape.