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Photo by Arch. Stefanos Antoniadis


J.W.Goethe said about Naples that he would excuse all those who would lose their senses after admiring the view. Naples seems to come out of the Mediterranean Sea and  impressively expand towards the hills, dominated by the Mount Vesuvius. The historical centre has been part of the Unesco World Heritage since 1995, although it is currently in a critical state. Naples played an important role in the history of the Italian peninsula, especially during the Bourbon era and the period of Humanism. The religious, monarchical and military architecture is intertwined with the urban complexity of the city, which was strongly influenced by its morphological characteristics. Naples has, for instance, complex pedestrian areas and flights and stairs connecting its upper part to the historical centre. Due to the complex structure of the city, popular and culinary traditions have acquired a well-defined and unmissable cultural identity.