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Photo by Arch. Stefanos Antoniadis


Rome, the eternal city or Rome, the capital of Italy. There is no one way to describe this city, in which history, art and culture come together in harmony. The historical centre of Rome has been part of the Unesco World Heritage since 1990 and its architecture, together with the ancient Roman ruins, make it unique place. The city offers incredible itineraries in terms of architecture: from the imperial times to the Baroque, from the Italian Rationalism to the contemporary architecture of archistars. The fact that the Colosseum is close to the Nervi Sport Centre, and the Colonnato from Bernini to the Museum Maxxi from Zaha Hadid, provides a unique opportunity for reflection. In Rome, the Tiber River makes the atmosphere even more special, as happens in every city crossed by a river, and the city’s popular culture, culinary traditions and imagery from the cinema add the rest of the magic.